Zelinski Scores 3rd Cornfest Victory

August 22, 2021- Sun Prairie, WI– The 44th running of the Cornfest 25 was one for the ages packed with action, drama, and heartbreak. History was re-lived Sunday night on the hallowed grounds of Angell Park Speedway. As in years gone by the mighty midgets roared to life in front of a standing-room-only crowd down the front straightaway and screaming fair go-ers down the backstretch trying to catch a peek at the action from high atop the Ferris wheel.

A pair of long-standing series veterans in Kurt Mayhew and Kevin Olson led the field to green. Mayhew jumped to the lead after the inside row got stacked up briefly allowing Zach Boden to charge from his fourth starting spot to claim second. Boden then passed Mayhew and claimed the early lead. Boden slipped off into the distance while the action intensified for a second which produced the first caution period of the night on lap three after Mayhew went for a ride entering turn 1, he was able to climb from his car unharmed.

When the race resumed Boden again jumped away to a big lead before the field was slowed a second time for the stalled machine of RJ Corson. On the restart this time, Boden would have to contend with Chase McDermand, and four-time Cornfest champion Scott Hatton close behind. Boden unable to shake McDermand got locked into a brief slider crossover battle before relinquishing the lead to McDermand. Right behind the pair, Hatton was trying desperately to fend off the challenges of Jack Routson and two-time and defending Cornfest Champion Jeff Zelinski. Zelinski working the lower lane was able to pick off Routson, then Hatton and Boden two corners later with time running out.
With just a handful of laps remaining, Boden’s car stalled off of turn four bringing out the yellow for the final time. As the yellow lights appeared, the leader’s car shut off as well ending Mcdermand’s night and handing the race over to Jeff Zelinski. Zelinski climbed from his ninth starting spot and had to fend off a brief challenge from Hatton on the final restart en route to his third Cornfest win and second victory of the season. He also scored a heat win earlier in the night. Rounding out the top were Hatton, Andy Baugh, Cody Weisensel, Olson

Next Saturday night the Badger Midget Series heads to Wilmot Raceway for their only appearance at the track in 2021.

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Howard Law Cash Draw: Jeremy Douglas

Advanced Race Suspension Hard Charger: Cody Weisensel

Badger Midget Series Points: 1. Chase McDermand 1675; 2. Zach Boden 1140; 3. Lamont Critchett 1035 4. Kyle Stark 1004; 5. Andy Baugh 958; 6. Kevin Olson 94; 7. Mike Stroik 831; 8. Kevin Douglas 789; 9. Kyle Koch 735; 10. Cody Weisensel 669.

Badger Midgets 32 Entries

Lap Leaders: Kurt Mayhew 1, Zach Boden 2-11, Chase McDermand 12-21, Jeff Zelinski 22-25

A Feature 25 Laps
1. 15Z-Jeff Zelinski[9]; 2. 1-Scott Hatton[8]; 3. 6B-Andy Baugh[5]; 4. 20-Cody Weisensel[15]; 5. 9K-Kevin Olson[2]; 6. 24M-Aaron Muhle[16]; 7. 55-Todd Kluever[11]; 8. 5K-Kevin Douglas[12]; 9. 6-Jeremy Douglas[18]; 10. 20D-Derek Doerr[17]; 11. 87-Jake Dohner[20]; 12. 29-Harrison Kleven[13]; 13. 76-Mike Unger[21]; 14. 71-Kyle Koch[22]; 15. 40-Chase McDermand[7]; 16. 51-Zach Boden[4]; 17. 28-Jim Fuerst[19]; 18. 57-Jack Routson[10]; 19. 14-Lamont Critchett[6]; 20. 15C-RJ Corson[14]; 21. 21K-Kurt Mayhew[1]; 22. 98-Jordan Nelson[3]

B Feature 1 12 Laps | High Performance Lubricants
1. 20D-Derek Doerr[3]; 2. 6-Jeremy Douglas[2]; 3. 28-Jim Fuerst[1]; 4. 87-Jake Dohner[7]; 5. 76-Mike Unger[6]; 6. 71-Kyle Koch[5]; 7. 9S-Mike Stroik[14]; 8. 31-Shay Sassano[4]; 9. 8-Jake Goeglein[12]; 10. 15C-RJ Corson; 11. 92-Dan Kleven[13]; 12. 4-Brad Hensen[15]; 13. 39-Dwight Stefan[11]; 14. 10-Charlie Spoonmore[8]; 15. 77-Ken Hanson[10]; 16. 27-Charles Kunz[16]; 17. 2-Kyle Stark[9]

Heat 1 8 Laps | Madison Extinguisher Service
1. 15Z-Jeff Zelinski[6]; 2. 14-Lamont Critchett[5]; 3. 20-Cody Weisensel[2]; 4. 9K-Kevin Olson[7]; 5. 71-Kyle Koch[3]; 6. 6-Jeremy Douglas[8]; 7. 8-Jake Goeglein[1]; 8. 4-Brad Hensen[4]

Heat 2 8 Laps | Simpson
1. 57-Jack Routson[7]; 2. 21K-Kurt Mayhew[2]; 3. 6B-Andy Baugh[6]; 4. 20D-Derek Doerr[1]; 5. 29-Harrison Kleven[8]; 6. 2-Kyle Stark[3]; 7. 77-Ken Hanson[4]; 8. 9S-Mike Stroik[5]

Heat 3 8 Laps | Auto Meter
1. 40-Chase McDermand[3]; 2. 55-Todd Kluever[1]; 3. 5K-Kevin Douglas[4]; 4. 24M-Aaron Muhle[5]; 5. 76-Mike Unger[2]; 6. 87-Jake Dohner[6]; 7. 10-Charlie Spoonmore[8]; 8. 39-Dwight Stefan[7]

Heat 4 8 Laps | Behlings Racing Equipment
1. 1-Scott Hatton[6]; 2. 51-Zach Boden[3]; 3. 98-Jordan Nelson[5]; 4. 28-Jim Fuerst[2]; 5. 15C-RJ Corson[8]; 6. 31-Shay Sassano[7]; 7. 92-Dan Kleven[1]