Purse Increase for Badger’s 85th Reunion & Fredenberg 50

July 28, 2021, Sun Prairie, WI– The principals involved in hosting the Badger Midget Series Fredenberg 50 Memorial race have announced a strong increase to the overall purse for Sunday, August 1 at Angell Park Speedway.

The Utica Bar, Storage & Handling Systems, and Chaussee Automotive have partnered with Conrad Real Estate Services to raise the winner’s share of the A-Main to $2,500.00 and A-Main start money to $225.00 making it the largest purse in 2021. Also, additional lap money and prizes will be awarded throughout the event and the A-Main.

Miles Melius, Billy Wood, Keith Thomas, Dan Boorse, Kevin Doty, Stan Fox, Kevin Olson, Mel Kenyon, and Al Fredenberg are all names synonymous with Midget racing at “The Prairie”. Some of the very best to ever slide on the Wisconsin clay have tasted victory at Angell Park. The Sun Prairie oval is fast, furious and ultimately demands your respect. For the Fredenberg 50, drivers must be on top of their game every lap and a 50 lap race will be the ultimate test for driver and machine.

The day will begin with a celebration of 85 years of racing for the Badger Midgets. Dating back to 1936 only breaking for WWII, the Badger Midget Auto Racing Association is the oldest sanctioning body operating in the US today and second only to Formula One globally. All former Badger drivers are welcome to attend the festivities which will begin at 1:00 pm in the Midget Hall of Fame pavilion and they will be complemented with free admission to the night’s activities. Fans are encouraged to attend to see some classic rides and meet their heroes.

Badger Midget Series Points: 1. Chase McDermand 1039; 2. Zach Boden 696; 3. Lamont Critchett 655; 4. Kyle Stark 625; 5. Mike Stroik 581; 6. Andy Baugh 547 7. Kevin Olson 507; 8. Kyle Koch 433; 9. Kurt Mayhew 457; 10. Kevin Douglas 432

Stay tuned to BMARA.com and the BMARA Racing Facebook page for additional announcements and information regarding events for the 2021 season.