Nick Anvelink Racing is King!

Sun Prairie, WI – Nick Anvelink made it four WABAM Dirt Kings Late Model Tour victories in a row, being crowned King of the Park in BMRE Electrick Carts Victory Lane at Angell Park Speedway. Anvelink won his heat race and earned a spot in the re-draw, starting from the fourth position. Troy Springborn and Brett Swedberg led the field to the green flag, with Swedberg taking the he lead as they raced through turns one and two. Swedberg continued to lead the race and pulled away to a 1.759 second lead over Springborn as Springborn and Anvelink raced for second.

Anvelink advanced to the second spot and set his sights on Swedberg. Caution slowed the King of the Park on lap twelve as Turk Letizia came to a stop on the front stretch. On the restart, Swedberg led the field back to the green as Anvelink worked the top side of the track and passed Swedberg and they battled for the lead. Anvelink quickly pulled away from the field with Swedberg, Joe Bongiorno and Nick Panitzke battling for position behind him. At the halfway point, Anvelink had a half-straightaway lead and had a 2.163 second advantage over Swedberg as caution slowed the field for the final time on lap 22, as Bongiorno slowed on the front stretch.

On the restart, Swedberg tried to take advantage of the restart by electing to start on the outside but had to hold off Panitzke while Anvelink pulled away to a 2.596 second lead. Swedberg and Panitzke battled for second while Anvelink started to work into the tail end of the field with just a couple laps remaining. Anvelink held on for the win, finishing 2.554 seconds ahead of Swedberg with Panitzke, Justin Ritchie and Brad Mueller rounding out the top five.

Anvelink now has twenty WABAM Dirt Kings Late Model Tour victories and has a record four wins in a row, going into this Friday’s $10,000-to-win Rumble by the River at Mississippi Thunder Speedway.

Panitzke was the Champ Pans Fast Qualifier for the King of the Park with a lap time of 14.327 seconds around the historic Angell Park Speedway, over Anvelink at 14.414 seconds. Troy Springborn was the Ken’s Sports Inc. Pole Sitter for the King of the Park, ultimately finishing seventh.

King of the Park (30 Laps): 1. 15-Nick Anvelink[4]; 2. 3-Brett Swedberg[2]; 3. 22-Nick Panitzke[6]; 4. 70-Justin Ritchie[7]; 5. 89-Brad Mueller[8]; 6. 5-Luke Postl[3]; 7. 81-Troy Springborn[1]; 8. 7-Joel Bennett[11]; 9. 9Z-Jayme Zidar[10]; 10. 03-Kyle Raddant[9]; 11. 54-Kevin Baldry[13]; 12. 93-Mike Kline[14]; 13. 55-Joe Bongiorno[5]; 14. R1-Randy Manos[12]; 15. 24-Turk Letizia[15]; 16. (DNS) 99-Sawyer Specht

Pro Power Racing Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 55-Joe Bongiorno[2]; 2. 81-Troy Springborn[3]; 3. 5-Luke Postl[4]; 4. 70-Justin Ritchie[6]; 5. 03-Kyle Raddant[7]; 6. 24-Turk Letizia[5]; 7. R1-Randy Manos[8]; 8. 99-Sawyer Specht[1]

Sunoco Race Fuels Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 15-Nick Anvelink[2]; 2. 22-Nick Panitzke[1]; 3. 3-Brett Swedberg[3]; 4. 89-Brad Mueller[4]; 5. 9Z-Jayme Zidar[5]; 6. 7-Joel Bennett[6]; 7. 54-Kevin Baldry[7]; 8. 93-Mike Kline[8]

Qualifying Group A (2 Laps): 1. 99-Sawyer Specht, 00:14.538[6]; 2. 55-Joe Bongiorno, 00:14.734[4]; 3. 81-Troy Springborn, 00:14.876[5]; 4. 5-Luke Postl, 00:15.027[2]; 5. 24-Turk Letizia, 00:15.055[1]; 6. 70-Justin Ritchie, 00:15.111[3]; 7. 03-Kyle Raddant, 00:15.206[8]; 8. R1-Randy Manos, 00:15.743[7]

Qualifying Group B (2 Laps): 1. 22-Nick Panitzke, 00:14.327[6]; 2. 15-Nick Anvelink, 00:14.414[1]; 3. 3-Brett Swedberg, 00:14.664[3]; 4. 89-Brad Mueller, 00:14.741[7]; 5. 9Z-Jayme Zidar, 00:14.998[2]; 6. 7-Joel Bennett, 00:15.094[4]; 7. 54-Kevin Baldry, 00:15.738[8]; 8. 93-Mike Kline, 00:16.114[5]